اَلاسْمَاءُ الْحُسناى


Their qualities, values and significances.

An excerpt from the Urdu translation of Hisnu Haseen by Maulana M Rafeeq Hathurani

An excerpt from the 99 Names of Allah by M Siddiqi

An excerpt from the Most Beautiful Names compiled by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak Al-Jerrahi Al-Halveti

To use wazifahs, Quran Ayats, Asma-ul-Husna, etc. we should take
priority in fulfilling our obligatory (fard) acts. Today, it is
surprising, that we as Muslims neglect our Fard Salaah and then at
times of worldly difficulty, we turn to Allah to take benefit from His

Salah, obligatory on every Muslim should be given preference over
everything. After fulfilling these Fard acts, surely our Dua's will be
accepted. Therefore be punctual in our 5 times Salaah in order to gain
full benefit.

When adopting a particular Name as Wazeefah (which one intends to recite daily) add يَا before the Name and illiminate the اَلْ. For example اَلرََّحْماَنُ will be said as يَارَحْماَنُ and not يَااَلرََّحْماَنُ
  1. Remove Doubts and uncertainties
  2. To Remove hardheartedness
  3. To be safe from worldly calamities
  4. To become wealthy
  5. To be safe from spiritual sickness
  6. Cure for sickness
  7. Protection from all harm
  8. To purify external and internal conditions.
  9. To be independent.
  10. To inspire awe in the hearts of people.
  11. To be successful in any task.
  12. To be safe from all calamities.
  13. Barren Women.
  14. Desire for children.
  15. Forgiveness.
  16. To remove worldly love.
  17. To be safe from poverty & starvation.
  18. Abundance of sustenance.
  19. To illuminate the heart.
  20. Knowledge and wisdom.
  21. Protection against hunger and thirst.
  22. To be independent.
  23. To gain victory against enemy.
  24. Independence from Allah's creation.
  25. To be granted respect and dignity.
  26. Protection from enemies.
  27. Acceptance of prayers.
  28. Strengthening the eyesight.
  29. To perceive all secrets.
  30. To make the creation subservient.
  31. Afflicted with difficulty.
  32. Elimination of insatiable desires.
  33. To be safeguarded from all calamities.
  34. To gain respect.
  35. To remove grief and worry.
  36. Removing financial difficulty.
  37. To achieve your aim successfully.
  38. Regaining job with honour.
  39. Protection against all disasters.
  40. For desires to be fulfilled.
  41. Protection against all types of evil.
  42. To gain honour.
  43. To gain respect and esteem.
  44. Protecting wealth from all harm.
  45. For prayers to be accepted.
  46. Achieving internal and external richness.
  47. For work to be completed.
  48. Disagreement between husband and wife.
  49. Cure for all diseases.
  50. Heart full of wisdom and knowledge.
  51. Obedience of the wife and children.
  52. When something is lost.
  53. Protection against natural calamities.
  54. Oppression.
  55. A woman who does not produce milk.
  56. Good habits.
  57. Removal of bad habits.
  58. To make the creation subservient.
  59. Miscarriage.
  60. Missing person.
  61. Cure from sickness.
  62. Gaining control over desires.
  63. Protection from sicknesses.
  64. Attain honour.
  65. Nourishment from food.
  66. Heart full of divine light.
  67. To remove fear from all creations.
  68. To become independent.
  69. Disgrace one's enemy.
  70. Fulfillment of difficult tasks.
  71. Unharmed on the battlefield.
  72. To become near to Allah.
  73. Wish for male children.
  74. Removing the love of Allah's creation.
  75. Clear eyesight.
  76. To reveal internal secrets.
  77. Protection of the house.
  78. Menstruation pains.
  79. Safe guarding child from all calamities.
  80. Sincere repentance.
  81. Unable to take revenge.
  82. To be forgiven.
  83. To remove anger.
  84. To become rich.
  85. To be respected.
  86. Protect against all evil doubts.
  87. Disorientated families.
  88. Abundance in wealth.
  89. To be granted self-sufficiency.
  90. Creating love between husband and wife.
  91. Protection against all physical and spiritual calamities.
  92. To become successful.
  93. Enlightening the heart.
  94. To be guided.
  95. Fulfilling aims.
  96. To be safe from every type of danger.
  97. To be free from worry and grief.
  98. When in doubt.
  99. Removing difficulty.