What is Salawat or Darood?

The word DAROOD is not Arabic. The word SALAWAAT is Arabic. It is usually believed that if we read SALAWAAT on Muhammad [s.a.] for a certain number of times, our sins will be forgiven, so on and so forth.
If we see the Quran, we come to know that it is not only human beings who are to do SALAWAAT but Allah, His angels as well as the prophet [s.a.] also do SALAWAAT on human beings.

Please see the following:

Allah's SALAWAAT on human beings

2:156 When a calamity befalls them, they do not waver. Rather, they say, "We are for Allah, dedicated to His Cause and every step of ours will advance in the Direction shown by Him."
2:157 It is they on whom is SALAWAAT from their Lord [i.e. whom their Lord supports] and blesses with His Grace. And it is they, they who are guided to the most desirable destination.

The above verse clearly indicates that SALAWAAT can also be on human beings from Allah. Now does this mean that Allah reads for a certain time SALAWAAT on people? It does not make sense.

Rasool's SALAWAAT for human beings

9:103 Accept their contribution for the community. Purify their thoughts with proper education and training so that their "Self" may grow. SALLI ALAIHIM [i.e. commend/appreciate them!] Your SALAWAAT [i.e. commendation/appreciation] is a great source of peace in their hearts. Allah is Hearer, Knower.

In the above verse Allah has ordered Muhammad [s.a.] to do SALAWAAT on human beings. Does this mean that Muhammad [s.a.] reads SALAWAAT on people for a certain number of times? It does not make sense.

Allah's and His Angels' SALAWAAT on human beings

33:43 He it is Who bestows His blessings upon you, and supports you [YUSALLI ALAIKUM], and His angels, that He may bring you forth from darkness into the Light. And Merciful is He, indeed, to those who attain belief.

In the above verse Allah and His angles do SALAWAAT on momineen. Does this mean that Allah and His angels reads SALAWAAT on people for a certain number of times? It does not make sense.

SALAWAT of human beings for the RASOOL

9:99 And among the Bedouins are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and consider their spending as a means towards Allah and a means of SALAWAAT-E-RASOOL [i.e. commendation/appreciation/moral support of the Messenger]. This will raise their ranks with Allah. Allah will embrace them with His Mercy. Verily, Allah is Forgiving, Gracious.

The above verse explains the concept of SALAWAAT by describing "Spending" as a means of "getting appreciation".

Now see the most commonly referred verse according to which momineen should do SALAWAAT on Muhammad [s.a.]

33:56 Verily, Allah and His angels bless the Messenger and commend/support his Mission [YUSALLOONA]. O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Commend/Support his Mission [SALOO ALAIHI] in total submission.

Consider all the above verses and decide yourself.
Is SALAWAAT just from Momineen for Muhammad [a.s.]?
The answer is no.
The SALAWAAT is also from Allah to human beings.
The SALAWAAT is also from the Messenger [a.s.] for human beings.

So when Allah does SALAWAAT on human beings, Does He read something for a certain number of times on human beings?

SALAWAAT is not reading something for a certain number of times but practically doing something i.e. commending and supporting the mission of the Messenger [a.s.] by whatever means we can.

SALAWAAT is not something that should be a bone of contention whether there should be a SALAWAAT before adhan (i.e. the call for the prayer) or not. It has an utterly different meaning and objective.